Price Guide

(Price can vary for designs that have a lot of fur colours and/or complex designs, please send us a quote form for a more accurate quote)

Fursuit Heads
£600+ includes: 3D Follow Me eyes, Balavlava lined,

Mini Partials
£750+ includes: Head, Standard Paws, and Tail

Full Partial
£850+ includes: Head, Standard Paws, Tail, Arm Sleeves and Outdoor Feetpaws (can be upgraded to indoor Feetpaws)

Individual Parts

Standard paws, £80+
Puffy paws, £100+
Feet paws, £100+ (Outdoor), £150+(Indoor)
Arm sleeves, £60+
Feet paw Sandals, £30

Small tail £30+
Standard tail £60+
Large/floor dragger tail £100+