Terms And Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions of JawsandPaws UK



You Must be 18 or over to commission JawsAndPaws_UK we may ask for ID. Before accepting a commission and beginning payments JawsAndPaws_UK will send a document of the Terms and conditions and would need the client to confirm they agree to them before continuing.

Upon approval, you will be expected to pay a 30% non-refundable down payment of the quote. JawAndPaws_uk accepts payment through PAYPAL, Square, bank transfer and in cash if local. All prices are In GBP. After down payment is paid you will be added to our queue and materials will be purchased. The rest can be paid off in payment plans of no less than £100 a month. Your commission must be 100% paid for before work will begin.

Jawsandpaws_UK will only work with clients who are commissioning suits of their own characters (e.g. no gifts for other people, no copy written characters)


Shipping is not included in quote price and must be paid by commissioner once fursuit is complete. Commissions will only be shipped after they have been 100% paid for. We do ship internationally. Shipping price is calculated with commissioners shipping address zip code or name of country for international customers. Shipping prices may vary depending on weight of parcel and shipping location. We ship all are packaging with tracking and with insurance cover for the cost of the suit, however JawsandPaws_uk is not responsible for any shipping loss or damages during shipping.


If you live within the UK, pickups for completed costumes can be arranged at public events. These include functions such as Confuzzled and furmeets within the West Midlands.

Warranty and Repairs

JawsandPaws_uk offers free minor repairs to keep your suit looking its best. Shipping is required by the customer for packages delivered to JawsandPaws_uk. Large repairs will be charged an additional fee, these cases are to be determined by me. JawsandPaws_uk cannot guarantee getting repairs fixed ASAP in all situations.

Concept Art

When Submitting a design for a Fursuit commission, the Reference sheet must be very accurate and detailed for the way you want your. Character to look. JawsandPaws_uk requires at least a front and back view with consistent markings and accurate colours. A blurry or inaccurate ref will cause your commission to be declined or your suit to come out differently than you’d like.
Not all colours are available in fur, your colours may need to be altered slightly based on available furs.If you wish to give JawsandPaws_uk liberty when it comes to your commission then it is not required and I will work with you to come up with a design. Please note that JawsandPaws_uk have the right to decline designs.


The initial 30% down payment as stated previously is not refundable, so making sure you are financially secure before commissioning is very crucial. The remaining refundable payment will be sent back after a cancellation form has been signed. JawsandPaws_uk has the right to cancel a commission under any circumstances, how much that will be refunded will be discussed if this is to occur.

Design Changes

If supplies are ordered and work is already started we ask you do not make any changes to the character design. Any changes made after that can cause the price or completion date to change. Minor changes will not effect the price or completion date. Changes that will effect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colours, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered. 

Work In Progress Photos and Updates 

Work in progress photos and updates will be sent via contact method of choice when significant progress has been made (e.g completion of foam base, eye installation, patterning, furring etc) or if JawsandPaws_uk needs to confirm something with the client. Please do not persist to get Wips everyday. 

Completion and Deadlines

Completion dates can not be predicted exactly, however I will try to provide you with a rough estimate of when your suit may be completed by. Jawsandpaws_uk currently does not guarantee suits for con deadlines, I don’t want to rush my work and provide you with less than the best quality I can offer.


JawsandPaws_uk have pets in the home. They don’t come in contact with materials but you should be aware before commissioning.